Conditions of opening your private virtual stock:
To have a private virtual stock you will have to
   - send a request in E-mail
   - or contact us by telephone!

Please send your private stock request by e-mail to the following 
The following data has to be included in your request: 

- Name 
- E-mail address 
- Telephone number 
Our college will send a feedback by e-mail or by telephone 
as soon as possible!

Please call any of the following telephone numbers in weekadays 
(from Monday-to Friday 9-17)
to contact us: (36) 27 342-407, (36) 27 346-933


If you received a permission to have a private virtual stock, the 
following functions will be available (as long as the virtual stock 
is valid):

You can detach items from InComp's main stock 
The detached items are at you disposal during the stock validity period. 
During the validity period, you may take away items anytime by the 
limit of your stock. 
You can change the quantity of each item in your virtual stock and 
you can add or delete items. 
You may make a bargain by offering us a Target price for any item.
You can use this program function to compile your own quotation request. 
After the validation time the volume of your virtual stock left, 
will be added to our stock.